SPAGL & Tradition & Innovation

The history of art and painting almost dates back as far as the history of humanity. The design of ones home has become more and more important with progressive development and increasing prosperity. Pictures and frames are indispensable in this trend.


Already since 1901, SPAGL has concerned itself with hand-made frame art. As a company committed to traditional standards, we are manufacturing individual, premium-quality frames that meet the spirit of the time. Profound know-how in the craft of framing that is many centuries old is handed down from one master craftsman to the next and is then passed on to our motivated young trainees in our training workshops. SPAGL is run by the family Pernpointner in the 4th generation.


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SPAGL - run by the family Pernpointner

Family Pernpointner


The whole world is subject to the changes of time. But in the long history of SPAGL, there is one important constant next to the premium-quality. The family Pernpointner.


Heinrich Pernpointner founded the company SPAGL in 1901 together with Franz Xaver Spagl who left the company shortly after. In 1929, his son and namesake takes over. His sons Heinz and Hubert are also both involved in the company. From 1976 on, they share the management of the business. In 1985 Kathrin Pernpointner finally joins the company.  As the good soul of the company she takes over the creative part in product management and is again and again releasing new energy with her impulses. Since 2012, Fabian Pernpointner is the 4th generation to be part of the team at SPAGL. In the medium-term he is going to take over the management of the company.

SPAGL - a time travel


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