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Essential for the young living and the young at heart: Picture frames that adapt to life. Very quickly. With only a few simple steps. Clip-on frames from SPAGL are just that and, moreover, they look good. There are various designs for you to choose from.


If only life was so easy. Our clip-on frames are easy to handle. To change a photo, you just have to turn the clips on the back, take out the back board and the inlay, remove the picture and replace it with a new one. With or without a mountboard. Then just insert the back board, close the springs and done! Change your decoration quick and easy to match your mood or the season? With our ready-made frames there is a whole new world of possibilities open to you. The perfect idea for home and living.


Arrange your photos, pictures and postcards in a new way, time and time again. With our premium-quality ready-made frames made of sustainably grown wood. From SPAGL!


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Novelties 2015
Novelties 2015
Collection Lignum
Collection Loop
Collection Space
Collection Galatea
Collection Vintage Bavaria
Collection Pallas
Collection Loop
Collection Ikarus

Clip-on frames and ready-made frames - Details:

In some aspects, clip-on frames from SPAGL where pictures can easily be changed are anything but changeable: for example the fact that they continually please.

  • Back board with springs up to size 30 x 40 cm
  • Back board for table frames up to size 20 x 25 cm
  • Hangers in portrait format and landscape format in your own personal size
  • Floatglass, optionally nonreflecting glass
  • With protective corners and wrapped in foil
  • Constantly new collections
  • Innovative designs

SPAGL & the frame – for long-lasting quality

What makes the difference between a brand product and bulk products? The trust satisfied customers all over the world put in it. Frames from SPAGL live up to that trust with utmost reliability. Our frames are accurately stapled and glued.
Furthermore, our picture glass is carefully abraded to prevent injuries. And of course also to put your pictures in their true light!