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Painting and photography are segmented into many different stylistic movements, there are countless motives and artists. And life itself writes so many personal memories that need to be preserved. SPAGL offers to you the right picture frame for every picture and every living ambience.


Our collections comprise more than 1,500 picture frame mouldings and picture frames in total that we all manufacture ourselves for you. This includes raw mouldings, gessoed mouldings, real silver and gold mouldings. Starting with plain natural wooden frames moving on to L-profile frames and to baroque designs. Traditional, modern or retro - you decide! We are setting trends in the field of wood design with unusual profiles and premium-quality surfaces. And we are setting quality standards!


Bring out the best in your pictures! With mouldings and picture frames from SPAGL.

Designer mouldings
Designer mouldings - detail
Designer mouldings - detail
Couloured mouldings
Coloured nouldings - detail
Designer mouldings - detail
Gold + Silver mouldings
Silver moulding - detail
Gold + Silver mouldings
Retro style mouldings
Designer mouldings - detail

Picture frames and mouldings - Details:

The choice of profiles, surfaces and designs is manifold. No matter which picture frame you choose: You are always making a good choice.

  • Extensive collection in many individual varieties
  • Spot-on trends and up-to-date
  • Wide assortment of raw mouldings, gessoed mouldings, silver and gold mouldings
  • Made of ecologically certified wood
  • Exclusive surfaces, profiles and designs
  • High quality standards

SPAGL & the frame - for a good conscience

All products from SPAGL are made of high-quality and certified wood. Naturally, we mainly use domestic wood like pine, spruce, beech and maple. But some designs also require tropical wood like ilomba and ayous for reasons of form stability. We pay utmost attention that this wood is grown in a sustainable forest ecosystem. Furthermore, we only apply environmentally responsible lacquers and paints to our surfaces.