The company SPAGL is situated in a natural and rural region in the Bavarian Forest. This connection to nature constantly reminds us how important it is to care for, preserve and maintain our ecosystems.


Thus, the topic sustainability has top priority for us. This already begins with the selection of the wood. Accordingly, we preferably use regional products. And if our raw material like wood has a longer journey to our manufactory, we specifically choose suppliers who guarantee that their products derive from sustainable certified forestry.


Naturally, for the processing of our finishes like lacquers and base coats we only use water-based products. During the processing of these materials, we act with caution and collect spillovers like e.g. paint spray mist and dispose of it appropriately.


But that is not all we are doing: for us it is important that also our production processes run economically and ecologically sensible. Our employees are encouraged not to unnecessarily waste any resources during the production of our frames and mouldings.


Finally, almost the entire roof surface of our production hall is equipped with a photovoltaic system. Thus, we collect sun energy and return it to the energy cycle.


These measures give us the good feeling that with every SPAGL frame we present to you an ecologically sensible product. This value is meant to be transferred into your living ambience and meet your ecologically requirements!


Because it is our tradition to care for our environment along the beautiful Ilztal where we have been producing for more than 115 years.