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Good hoteliers know that every detail is important to sophisticated guests. For example, high-quality skirting boards, that underline the atmosphere of the house. Hotel mirrors that catch the eye. Or framed pictures that make the difference compared to the usual wall decoration.


That is exactly why leading hotels all over the world put their trust in the quality and experience from SPAGL. Nice for the guest in his hotel room and for the hotelier or landlord because of a perfect complete service. As we support you in all steps of your hotels´ interior design, from the planning to the completion. Every project is customized, be it big or small. Anywhere in Germany and also worldwide.


Show your guests your appreciation with the suitable ideas, framed mirrors, clip-on frames and much more. From SPAGL!


Corporate business for hotels from SPAGL - Details

Many functional advantages and complete service: if you furnish your hotel, SPAGL has a lot to offer to you.

  • Planning of the distribution of the pictures and support of architects and interior designers respectively
  • Complete service from planning to mounting - for framed pictures, picture frames, mirrors and skirting boards
  • Planning of rail hanging systems for areas where pictures are often changed but consistent drilling should be avoided
  • Complete offer - from the object frames to adaptations regarding colours to premium-quality real gold and real silver frames
  • Manufactured in many different special measurements
  • Prompt delivery - also of big quantities
  • Special profiles and lengths on request
  • Use of anti-theft systems for picture frames and mirrors
  • Complete framings including the handling of motives and prints
  • Individually designed pictures
  • Systems for easy transport - considerably reduced transport costs by mounting on-site

Corporate business for hotels from SPAGL - Products

With these products we beautify your hotel furnishing.

  • Picture frames and clip-on frames for hotel rooms in all categories
  • Canvasses with L-profile frames & for better room acoustics
  • Premium-quality skirting boards
  • The new "Wood Perfect System" - for the easy change of textile pictures
  • Framings with special-purpose glass - break-proof, non-reflective, UV-protection
  • Newly rail hanging system - perfect design, easy mounting, change of pictures without drilling
  • Prints on various bases

Corporate business for hotels from SPAGL - References

Due to business discretion, we are not allowed to publish all references. In case we get the permission to release from our partners, please see our list of references below.

SPAGL & the frame – Popular around the world

Whether Berlin, New York or Macao. Premium-quality frames, pictures and skirting boards from SPAGL are in the best hotels all around the globe. They represent exclusive interior design and contribute their share to satisfy your guests. To keep it that way, we are committed and like to develop ever new ideas, all the time keeping quality at the highest level.