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Clip-on frames for the young living. Gilded frames, baroque frames and wide profile frames for the classy atmosphere. Picture frames from SPAGL embellish millions of homes all over the world.


Our products are known for their sustainable material, highly valued for their premium-quality and they are used in surroundings that have special demands. For example, in luxurious royal houses or in exclusive hotels and restaurants. But also retail shops, offices and hospitals. And at home of highly valued art: museums and galleries.


Experience impressions of exclusive frame art with examples of our spatial arrangement. From SPAGL!

SPAGL everywhere & in hotels

Contract furnishing hotel


Have you felt especially at home when staying in a hotel? Chances are good that a framed mirror or picture frame from SPAGL contributed to that feeling. In most cases, hotels do not use standard products but choose matching mouldings and motives according to their architects´ wishes.

SPAGL everywhere & in gastronomy

Contract furnishing gastronomy


In a restaurant, the gaze of guests will wander at times. After all, it is a place to feel comfortable and made for staying a while. Even more important are suitably decorated walls. SPAGL is planning and organising everything according to your taste. A perfect match for your restaurant, your rooms and logo. A lot is possible. We can illuminate and accentuate your menus or render a suitable atmosphere to your restaurant using back-illuminated pictures so that your guests feel comfortable all around.

SPAGL everywhere & in offices

Contract furnishing office


For modern office furniture, SPAGL provides suitable systems as well as technical finesse. Picture concealing heaters or sound-absorbing pictures are only two examples. An efficient workaday office naturally needs change. For these requirements, we offer systems and solutions where motives can easily be changed. Alternatively, a picture hanging system on a rail is an option. Here, even the whole pictures can be changed which makes new drilling superfluous. Moreover, gilded real gold frames or real silver frames from SPAGL are a real hit in representative surroundings.

SPAGL everywhere & for shop fittings

Contract furnishing shop


Do you have an unusual shop concept or multiple shops? We manufacture matching frames and pictures including all accessories according to your requirements. You do not have to care about anything. And, if needed, our engineers also develop suitable individual solutions and customized concepts. Illuminated picture frames, double side snap frames or shop systems? We are happy to make your ideas come true!

SPAGL everywhere & in Royal Houses

Contract furnishing Royal House


Should you get an invitation to an audience at a royal house one day, chances are good that you are going to see a picture frame from SPAGL. Of course, here we are often working according to special wishes regarding profiles and with gilded surfaces in real gold. With all this, our picture frames always need to accomplish something very special: durability for eternity!

SPAGL everywhere & in museums

Contract furnishing museum


There are so many works of art that need to be preserved for future generations. We enable museums and galleries to realize that and frame according to the highest-possible conservatory standards. We do that because our children´s children shall still cherish and enjoy art that touches us today.

SPAGL everywhere & in hospitals

Contract furnishing hospital


Pictures affect our mood without us noticing it. This knowledge plays an important role when choosing framed pictures and frames for hospitals. In cooperation with the hospitals and clinics, we choose motives that support the healing process. In addition, our picture frames are easy-care and thus hygienic.