Since the beginning of the last century, the family-owned company SPAGL manufactures with expertise and passion this loveable article - wooden picture frames. Tradition and innovation is the motto of the German manufacture.


But how can we guarantee to fully meet the requirements we set to ourselves? In the course of 115 years of company history, every time has its own challenges. We have made it our mission to design our own style but to combine it with the current spirit of the time. Therefore, our research and development department aims for our collections to match the current trends but to still be timeless - typically SPAGL.


A picture frame always starts with the tree from which the wood for the moulding grew. Due to the location of our company in the beautiful Ilztal in the Bavarian Forest, we care deeply about nature. That is why we exclusively process raw materials obtained from sustainable forestry and preferably directly from our region.


Doing that, we focus in our whole production chain on top-quality processing with equivalently premium-class materials. A frame from SPAGL, no matter which product category, is meant to be a long-lasting companion for your appealing surroundings.


Because it is you, our customers, who we would like to convince again and again of our products and service. With a frame from SPAGL you shall always hold a piece of value retention in your hands!


That is what everyone of our well-trained employees, who manufacture every single piece with skilled perfection, care and stand for. Therefore, we consciously set value on a relation as partners in SPAGL company. Because only if you enjoy your work you can produce something good.


But we do not want to talk only about good products. Everybody who already worked with us knows our good service. And if someday you need help with something special in the field of pictures and frames and we did not address the issue in our information - please contact us! We make (nearly) anything possible.


We have a wide and variable product range. Here everyone finds a suitable piece. And with that we act not only in our region but are present worldwide. Always with the same enthusiasm as ever.


We always especially care about one thing: that you underline your high-quality ambience with a suitable frame from SPAGL. We are looking forward to working with you and to support you. That is what we stand for.


Your team at SPAGL manufactory