SPAGL History



"A picture without a frame is like a lake without shores." According to this quotation by the famous french painter Henri Mattisse, we have been manufacturing exclusive and artful frames and picture frame mouldings since 1901. Our products are a brand in the best sense of the word.


We are only satisfied with premium standards beginning with the selection of the sawn wood and extending to the processing of the surfaces and to the complete framing with mountboards and special-purpose glass. Naturally, all production steps are accomplished in-house at SPAGL company. It is there, where the great long-lasting tradition of creative craftsmanship has its source: in Ilztal in the Bavarian Forest.


Experience for yourself our quality promise as one of Europe´s leading manufacturers of wooden mouldings and picture frames. Wooden mouldings and picture frames from SPAGL!

SPAGL - this brand makes the difference:


Premium quality from SPAGL has strong roots.


  • A family business based on tradition and responsibility
  • With more than 100 employees at the headquarters in Hutthurm in the Bavarian Forest as well as at the subsidiary in Bohemian Forest
  • Production according to ecological and sustainable principles
  • A brand known and popular all over the world & also in offices, hotels, museums and even in Royal Houses


SPAGL - you can tell the difference:


Picture frames, mouldings, clip-on frames, gilded frames, skirting boards and a lot more. Products from SPAGL are always worth the price.


  • Own unique designs
  • Perfectly crafted manufacturing and quality
  • Prompt and reliable customer service
  • Custom-made products and timely line production according to your needs
SPAGL Kalteneck