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Gilded frames, studio frames, baroque frames. They have that many names and as many faces. They are something special. At SPAGL, these exclusive frames are made by hand. And with that, of course, entirely according to your wishes and measurements. Unique pieces!


We know what is important to you. It is also about the intrinsic values. Therefore, our picture frames are perfectly manufactured, to the smallest detail. Manufactured with love and passion. Manufactured with traditional tools and precious material. Be it gilded frames, studio frames or baroque frames: At SPAGL, only real precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum are considered worthy for the finishing of our surfaces.


Offer a stage to your most beautiful work of art or photo with a special picture frame. From SPAGL!

Collection Albertina
Collection Albertina
Collection Albertina
Collection Albertina
Collection Albertina
Collection Albertina
Collection Albertina
Collection Albertina
Collection Amberg / Amsterdam
Collection Amsterdam
Collection Neu- Berlin
Collection Neu- Berlin
Collection Alt-Berlin
Collection Scala
Collection Alt-Berlin / Neu-Berlin
Collection Da Vinci
Collection Mozart
Collection Mozart

Gilded frames, studio frames and baroque frames - Details:

Precious things have many faces - especially at SPAGL! Learn more about these premium-quality products.

  • Customized manufacture: almost any format is possible
  • Work of a real manufactory & made ready for you within a few weeks
  • Profiles made of ecologically certified wood
  • Manufactured by hand & every frame is unique
  • High-quality closed corners
  • Highest quality standards
  • Finishes with metal leaves only with the real thing (gold, silver, platinum) from Schwabach, near Nuremberg
  • Video showing the manufacture of gilded frames
  • Picture frames available directly at retailers
Manufacturing steps - Part 1
Manufacturing steps - Part 2
Manufacturing steps - Part 3
Manufacturing steps - Part 4

Good to know about our real metal material:

  • Double Gold - 22,5 carat
  • White gold - 12 carat
  • White gold - 12 carat
  • Real silver - 999/1000 fine

SPAGL & the frame - for a grand entrance

Who demands a great deal of picture frames? Artists and museums. Here, gilded frames, studio frames and baroque frames from SPAGL are present all over the world. Due to their quality and reliability which we have been working on for more than 100 years. We can be proud of the achievement. And with us everybody who owns a picture frame from SPAGL.