At SPAGL, the love to nature is evident in the notably respectful handling of the natural product wood. Our employees are passionate about their craft and guarantee unique quality and great service.


Be it designers, engineers, trained carpenters and gilders: At SPAGL, all trades are cared for by experienced experts. However, we are always working according to the principles of a manufactory, regardless of the quantity. We apply high standards to our environmental management. All the raw material that is needed for production is tested intensively to secure its environmental compatibility.


Choose the quality of a manufactory when in need of picture frames, clip-on frames and skirting boards. From SPAGL!

SPAGL & the manufactory of mouldings and frames

Manufactory of mouldings and frames

A high-quality picture frame is only then created when the quality of the mouldings is the highest priority from the beginning. This starts with the right choice of wood and continues throughout the whole production process. Even when ever better and highly technical production methods are developed: we still see ourselves mainly as a "machine-supported manufactory". Because the quality of the product depends on people operating those machines.


It is important that in our manufactory we only produce what comes up to our expectations. This is about straight mouldings, high quality standards regarding surfaces and dimensional accuracy. From SPAGL you get quality in the minutest details. In doing so, we are considering all ecological and sustainable aspects.

SPAGL & the framing


"Just cut some mouldings angularly and glue them". Well, there is more to a perfect picture framing than that. At SPAGL, for example, we only use special high-precision saws. All our frames are professionally glued and additionally stapled. To complete the perfect picture, the corners and mitres are suitably coloured in if needed.


Moreover, also the choice, fitting and processing of mountboards and special-purpose glass require profound knowledge and expertise. Our long-serving employees have completed many trainings and continually do so to ensure a perfect handling of pictures and frames.

SPAGL & the manufactory using gold, silver & Co

Gold plating


Gilded frames from SPAGL are manufactured according to procedures that are many centuries old. Partly even tools as in those old times are still used. The corners and mitres of most of the baroque frames are filled by hand so that no open joints remain on the frame. Only then the work of our trained gilders begins. They refine our premium-quality frames with precious metals such as rose gold, white gold and platinum. Finally, the frames are carefully polished to their highest degree of gloss.


However, we pay attention that our collections are not only reserved for the well-filled purse. The silver frames from SPAGL are worth their weight in gold as well! Each of our real gold or real silver frames is unique and manufactured especially for you.

In our videos about "The manufacture of gilded frames" and "The art of preservative framing" you can get firsthand impressions. Have fun!

SPAGL team